Monday, 31 August 2020

Together at Last!

 Jonathan lives in Lancashire. His grandmother lives in Merseyside. His parents live in Devon. With the Covid-19 restrictions Jonathan and his wife Lyndsey have not been able to introduce their son born at the end of February to his grandparents and great grandparents.

At last, the day arrived yesterday. Marjorie drove from Merseyside aged 89 via Marks and Spencers and arrived complete with food for all the family gifts for the baby and also for his older brother. Photographs were taken to record the three generations together and also the baby boy and his Great Grandmother. Jonathan has had to adapt during the social distance restrictions to working from home. He has also had hours with his 3 year old son and more time than he could have imagined with his new baby son.

He has also had to adapt to the absence of family support and the engaging and entertaining visits to and from his Grandmother. For Jonathan being with older family is important and the gap has been enormous. For him and Lyndsey, the bank holiday reunion suggested that life was becoming more normal. He and the family happy for Marjorie to continue driving. She is off to Devon at the end of the month!

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