Monday, 25 February 2019

Nettie has an Adventure

“She has locked herself out AGAIN”.  Anne is glad she has Liz to talk to about Aunt Nettie.   Nettie’s short term memory is getting worse and there are constant problems with lost keys, forgotten pin numbers, missed appointments and burnt food.  “She left her key behind and then couldn’t remember the code to the outside key safe.   She went to the shop who tried to phone friend Rosie who has a spare key but she was out.   I was in a meeting all afternoon with my phone off and didn’t pickup the messages until on the train home so I came straight over to sort things out .  Its now 9pm, I’ve just got home and I’m knackered”.  “Poor old you.  How was she?” asked Liz. “Oh fine. Fortunately she hadn’t left anything cooking which was my great fear. She said she was glad to see me but I think she had had a great time. Spent all afternoon in the shop drinking cups of tea and gossiping with all her chums who came in to shop.  When the shop closed, she was taken to a neighbour who cooked her tea and when I arrived she was teaching their teenage boy to play gin rummy.”  “Wow what a great day – if she has any sense she will lock herself out again soon” says Liz.   “That’s what I am afraid of” replied Anne.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

You may have already heard the story of Josephine, aged 86. Prince Philip has brought it to mind. So her daughter Carol receives a call from the police about her mother ( Josephine) who has been in a road traffic accident. Although this is 2 weeks earlier Carol has heard nothing about it.
She duly rings her mother living 150 miles away and broaches the subject.
As far as Josephine is concerned it was a minor incident because her new shoes slipped off the pedal. As far as Carol is concerned the fact that her car was written off and damage to 3 others because of the shunt suggest it is time to stop driving. Josephine did not agree!

So calls to the DVLA confirmed that nothing could be done. 3 months use of taxis did not persuade Josephine that this is a better form of transport and without warning ( because she can!) Josephine purchased a new car. Her mobility continues to decline. She is talking about moving into a retirement home. So why is the accommodation issue more acceptable than the transport one.
Carol continues to be baffled, continues to be frustrated and awaits the next call.