Wednesday, 23 January 2019

You may have already heard the story of Josephine, aged 86. Prince Philip has brought it to mind. So her daughter Carol receives a call from the police about her mother ( Josephine) who has been in a road traffic accident. Although this is 2 weeks earlier Carol has heard nothing about it.
She duly rings her mother living 150 miles away and broaches the subject.
As far as Josephine is concerned it was a minor incident because her new shoes slipped off the pedal. As far as Carol is concerned the fact that her car was written off and damage to 3 others because of the shunt suggest it is time to stop driving. Josephine did not agree!

So calls to the DVLA confirmed that nothing could be done. 3 months use of taxis did not persuade Josephine that this is a better form of transport and without warning ( because she can!) Josephine purchased a new car. Her mobility continues to decline. She is talking about moving into a retirement home. So why is the accommodation issue more acceptable than the transport one.
Carol continues to be baffled, continues to be frustrated and awaits the next call.

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