Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Dr is so nice!

We had a busy Sunday:  went to the country fair and returned to my home to do some gardening ( Yes Betty was weeding, sitting on the bench and sort of bent double from the waist). Betty reported she was not in a good place on Monday. Aches and Pains and unable to move. " I have never felt as bad as this" she said. The lovely Dr came and checked for Urinary Tract infection - no sign. Chest infection - no sign. Rest and paracetamol were suggested. My sister telephoned from Canada and it was clear that Betty was not in good shape.So often the complaints are about minor things. I was surprised to find Betty was not at all well on Tuesday evening. I stayed until she went to bed at 10, relieved there are wardens on call all day and night.
Tuesday, no improvement. The Dr and I spoke on the phone and he agreed he would see her on Wednesday. He has just called with an update. It seems it is the Heart valve - so we are to see a consultant. Betty feeling brighter. The aches and pains have gone. Lunch was delivered by the wardens. The Dr will call on her next week. I will be back this evening to visit. Relief she was able to rest at home. Hospital and Betty are not a good mix - and you have to pay a fortune for the parking! Fingers crossed we have turned the corner. She said today she told the Dr she wants to see all the grandsons reach 21......5 years to go then!

Monday, 17 September 2012

At the Food Festival

Outdoor events seem easier to manage. Park the car and take out the Asda lightweight wheelchair. Ideal for occasional use. We are straight onto the common where marquees are erected and stalls with outdoor crafts and home made goodies are all around. Interesting how the things that delight children delight Betty. She was delighted to see the pens with animals in. We managed to buy a watch on one stall and then she insisted on a hot donut. Thank goodness they sold singles and we did not need to buy 5! Bumped into friends and shared a drink with them in the tent. Betty fascinated by tales of marital changes and children she has known as babes commencing new stages of education.

I'm Not Very Well

Betty has decided to branch out on her own. We had a week of highlighting the need not to talk about aches,pains and limitations. Betty decided the solution was to find friends with a similar approach to life and they are not to be found in her flats. So, she followed up the link to friends of friends living up the road in a new Abbeyfield development. In addition she has made contact with the local branch of the club she belonged to and presided over in the town where she spend 48 years. A bit different to join up at 86 as opposed to 40! I have to admire her making contact by phone. The hairdo on Thursday was a great success.