Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Norbert Researches Medical facilities

Julia brought through the cup of tea to discover Norbert in the chair and not feeling at all well, but not sure what the problem was. At 90 he has times of the day when he doesn't feel great, but this was different. Julia did all the checks for a stroke and no apparent signs, so she suggested they go to the Dr. Norbert didn't feel well enough to travel, so his 81 year old wife was quick to call the paramedics.

They quickly identified a possible heart attack and an ambulance was called to transport Norbert to the main hospital on the Isle of Wight. A blocked artery was diagnosed and a planned helicopter trip to Southampton, but this was cancelled in favour of transport by ambulance the following day.
Meantime, Julia hosted the planned supper with 4. David, the neighbour benefited from Nobert's portion as his wife was away.

Their daughter travelled to the Island to support Julia as well as to visit Norbert. She couldn't believe it when Southampton Hospital confirmed that the insertion of a stent had solved the problem and the following day they transported Norbert home to the Isle of Wight. He was so frustrated that he and Julia had cancelled their planned trip to Spain! Would they really fly him? we'll never know. He was impressed by the response on the Isle of Wight and in Southampton. Every reason to live there in your 90s!

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