Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Norbert and Julia off to the hospital

At 78 and 88 Norbert and Julia are making the most of retirement by the sea. In the last year he has continued to attend for regular treatment for bladder cancer and of course his skin continues to be a challenge with Julia applying the emollient every night before bed. In addition to Norbert's medical treatment Julia has had a cyst removed from her leg. It was malignant, and she had refused to have it checked, so by the time it was removed it was full blown surgery and a lasting scar. She is back driving after 3 months with the leg raised. They continue to enjoy the company of friends and family and their garden.
Norbert is delighted he can still drive and on the whole he is the driver for both of them, so he can manage the rural route to the hospital 15 miles away.
On one recent occasion the hospital  has recommended a driver for Norbert as the treatment may cause him to be uncomfortable and therefore not able to drive easily. Julia is at the ready, although not at all keen to go the distance. Off they go. He slightly anxious about the treatment, she anxious about where they will park, in particular where she will park after her trip to M&S to pick him up. Will he be able to get in the car unaided?
They arrive - he has driven and they find a drop off spot. She then departs for M&S. With an hour to fill whilst he has his appointment and medication applied. Whilst selecting the " Meal for 2 " offer her mobile phone rings.An unusual sound, as she doesn't normally bring it out. She locates it and is pleased to answer before it stops ringing. It is Norbert! He has got the date of the appointment wrong. They are due the following Thursday. Julia is not amused. She abandons the included white wine, pays and returns to the hospital where Norbert drives them home. Julia now convinced she must manage all the appointments. " He is so forgetful!"

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