Thursday, 13 April 2017

You can't beat a 2 year old for company!

We're back after a few yearswith a new range of adventures. The Betty and Liz adventures continue after Betty's peaceful death in a wonderful nursing home. The tales now include the range of folk whose needs are responded to by their children, neighbours and friends. Liz encounters the folk through her life in the East of England and now she is joined in her travels by Grace, her grandaughter aged 2.
This week a new and different experience as Li & Grace visited Ruth and Jonah, in their 70s whose daughter died from breast cancer in 2016. They way they approached the next chapter without her is inspirational as they have bought a new home and plan to visit their son in America with their 9 year old grandaughter who lost her mother last year. They are both active and interested. Ruth still teaches piano to 5 children and Jonah is playing an active role in the community. He has just given up mentoring teenagers at a local comprehensive school. They were thrilled when Grace joined Liz for lunch and reflected that it was a long time since they had a 2 year old in the house. The benefits of toddlers and 70 somethings linking up was visible as they were active and creative as they responded to her needs.

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