Sunday, 20 January 2013

Olive is prepared for the snow!

Olive is always prepared. This means preparing the car ahead of the trip to the supermarket and then preparing food in case of a snow in. So last week she cleared the car of frost etc. Then left the door slightly ajar, so that the battery was flat the next morning, the planned trip to the supermarked. Brilliant that Olive is still driving at 84 and brilliant that the car passed it's MOT again. Only 900 miles last year.
This is when the benefit of good neighbours kicks in. Not only does Terry the neighbour help renew her car tax on line etc and act as internet access, but he is always there in a crisis.
He got the jump leads and sorted out the battery and was on standby in case of a problem at Tesco. All went swimmingly. There is a pint of milk in the freezer and food for the week. Yesterday Olive was hoping Terry might also pick up the Daily Mail for her. It is the Saturday one that has the TV guide. We really need everyone to be good neighbours. I think she has only called on him 3 times in the past 12 months,but it gives confidence to know he and his wife are there. On Thursday, he said he will paint her porch in the Spring as the sun has caused the paint to peel. Olive thought she couldn't let him. I reminded her that he didn't have to offer. Terry sounds just great.

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