Thursday, 6 December 2012

Thanks for the memories

One of the residents from the sheltered housing visited Betty at the nursing home. Liz decided it would be good for her to return home to the flat on one occasion and on another Liz's friend offered to come with her and Betty on a trip to the garden centre. Betty's mood did not lift. She stopped walking after a week and then stopped eating. None of the food was appealing. Her other daughter arrived from Canada and took Betty out for a drive. " I won't be going out again" She announced as they returned to the nursing home. With that she took to her bed . It was 2 weeks since she arrived at the nursing home. She watched the afternoon TV programmes, requested classical music in the evening and drifted in and out of sleep. The grandsons visited and all was well. She died peacefully in the early hours of the morning. So she really hadn't been very well after all.

So now the blog will recall times with Betty and her husband John with items of interest that she would be keen everyone knew about. She thought it was exciting that the adventures of Betty and Liz were captured on a blog.

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