Monday, 8 October 2012

Liz is a wife and a mother too Betty!

Betty is not at all well. She really isn't. It has been 4 days since she walked properly. She struggles to breathe and cannot stand upright. With the aid of the lightweight travel wheelchair we have been out and about. After 4 days of description of a life that is very hard and a reluctance to eat and miserable conversation I decided to bring in the reserves and recruited my husband for a Saturday afternoon drop in. On arrival Betty instructed me to sort out her soup in the microwave. I had only just walked in the door. No greeting or enquiry as to my well being. " No Mum, you can make your own soup after we have gone". Betty then said to my husband how sorry she was he had to witness me being rude to her. " No Betty he replied, she is not being rude. It is just that she has a great deal of responsibility. Me, 3 boys, her job and you. You need to do things for yourself. The Dr has confirmed you can do it for yourself". It was wonderful to have someone else challenge Betty and stop me being the baddy!
When we said we would be off shortly Betty expressed surprise. " I thought you might be able to take me out". She had the energy for that then! " No Betty - we are en route to the tip to drop off some electrical waste - jobs to do". She ate the soup and expressed regret that she had a long evening ahead of her. Until the next day then!

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